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Walter Butler - NXO

NXO is an independent leader in the Telecom integration market in France.

We have very strong skills, we are able to achieve the most complex projects, we manage to attract amazing talents.

We know our success comes from our customers. We have to anticipate their future needs in a sector characterized by strong technological changes.

Not acting would be failing. Our three important A of NXOs are : Anticipate, Act not forgetting Attention to well-done work.

Jean-Maurice Fritsch - NXO

How do you make a difference on the competitive telecom market ?

To make a difference, you have to be innovative, agile and independent. We are neither a large national carrier, nor a large international Services provider. NXO is an Independent French Company, we have a national coverage allowing us to be close to our customers. We are a specialized service provider and we strive to be the best to meet our customers needs, on both national and international field.

Our expertise covers communication and collaboration solutions, digital infrastructures and security. In these businesses, we know how to deliver turnkey complex solutions, or operate tailor-made managed services contracts. We also know how to proceed into projects with global partners when it is wished by our customers.