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Digital transformation of industrial sector

Industrie 4.0 - NXO Bannière

NXO encourages companies in the fourth industrial revolution. Our IoT solutions improve the productivity and quality of French production.

 Digital transformation of industrial sector - NXO

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NXO is actively engaged in the digital transformation of industries. Privileged partnerships of the main companies in the field of industry, we contribute every day to transform digital into a major tool of the production line.

Digital transformation of industrial sector - NXO

Digital transformation simplified using of many sectors. In industrial field, digital is now able to provide new treatment and support of production information in order to optimize maintenance and productivity. It’s in this way that NXO participates to industries’ digital transformation in a future vision. Then, industry takes a new form and can migrate toward an industry 4.0. Above all, it is a base of digital infrastructures enabling production sector to generate a multitude of tasks in a synchronized or even autonomous way. Several challenges are at the origin of this transformation :

Industry 4.0 aims to :

  • Modernize production
  • Increase company productivities’
  • Promote collaboration between services
  • Open up knowledges and create real common knowledge bases
  • Improve maintenance
  • Decrease risk of accidents thanks to intelligent automatons
  • Bring its new uses while ensuring data protection (cybersecurity)

What are the foundations of the Industry 4.0?

Digital transformation is able to meet to present and future main problems that affecting the field of industry. IoT can reduce risk of accidents while increasing synergy and collaboration of interconnected machines.
It promotes :

  1. Development of machine collaboration resulting in a production of parts that can reach surgical precision
  2. Improved production monitoring thanks to collected data by smart machines
  3. Significant reduction in cost linked to maintenance thanks to a reccurent measurement of signs of wear and malfunction
Tranformation digitale de l'industrie, image. Digital transformation of industrial sector - NXO

Our digital solutions for industry sector

NXO is a privileged partner of French industry establishments. We help our customers in all stages of their project of digital transformation :

NXO digital solutions are efficient, transparent and flexible. They perfectly adapt to the level of constraint of industrial field, as well as to the various challenges and risks of the business.

Our offering provides a base of help and support (digital infrastructures, security, service of communication and modernization towards an infrastructures of connected objects) for each service of industrial establishments.

This expertise now allows us to be one of the French leader of digital transformation in the field of IoT and industry 4.0, in partnership with strong players in this ecosystem (Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Cisco, Microsoft, etc).