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Digital Transformation of retail sector

Retail NXO - Transformation numérique du commerce

With digitalization and the key role of Internet in consumers’ life, the retail sector knows an unpredictable mutation since the self-service and large-scale retail revolutions. NXO helps retail professionals to achieve a successful digital transformation to meet people new consumption habits.

Retail sector : What are the digitalization consequences’ ?

Since the digital advent, commercial brands are facing a significant growth of e-commerce :

Ecommerce image - Digital Transformation of retail sector NXO

Despite e-commerce strong growth, traditional businesses kept their activity :

More than half of French population wishes pure players companies (present only online) open physical brands.

These figures highlight a strong convergence between e-commerce and physical stores. (Traditional and digital) Commercial players must adopt a pluralistic approach to reinvent themselves and be able to propose an overall customer path, adapted to consumers.

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How to respond to new digitalization challenges in retail ?

To succeed their digital transformation, players of traditional trade (retails, local shops, shopping centers) must create a balance between offline and online services.

For this they can rely on the « multi-channel » marketing, a strategy that combines several channels of requests and answers to consumers in the buying journey: physical points of sale, interactive terminal, face-to-face seller, mobile, social network, website, etc.

This multi-channel experience will provide various online consultation tools for customers but will continue to make the link with physical stores. The most important thing is to provide customer as many entry points and contacts as necessary, whether physical or online.

Digital Transformation of retail sector - nxo

Omnichannel experience and digital transformation : NXO solutions for the point of sale

Specialist of integrating and managing digital flows : NXO offers solutions directly answering the challenges met by digital trade professionals.

Our expertise allows us to establish a personalized communication platform supporting all digital uses coupled with a range of complementary services :

  • Create a personalized and seamless homogeneous customer path : installation and management of a multimedia contact center, Customer Relationship Management, collaborative platform…
  • Optimization of digital and physical outlets : WiFi installation, tools and geolocalization applications, digital signage solutions…
  • Strengthen customer commitment : real-time information for vendors to assist customers in their purchase decision.
  • Improvement of store layout based on consumer habits : creation of databases to analyze the number of visits, stop time in front of a store window, the most visited sites, timetable at peak times, etc.
  • Increase of the store operational production : secured WiFi, operational solutions to all staff
  • Security of infrastructures and people through a panel of tailor-made digital solutions

NXO know-how and experience actually allow retail companies to enrich their customer experience and initiate serenely their digital transformation. Do not hesitate to contact our experts to learn more on our tailor-made solutions.